Actions you can take tomorrow to improve your print shop’s bottom line.

Let’s face it, your business has fundamentally changed over the past few years. You now have dozens, if not hundreds of “micro” orders coming into the shop every day: short run jobs that your customers expect at a very fast turnaround time, often the same day. You know you can’t touch a $500 order ten times and expect to make any money. You hear the constant message to ‘automate now’, but struggle with where to start.

We understand that, which is why we put this eBook together. When it comes to automation, or any large change, the long road starts with those first small steps. To help set you on that path, we’ve put together a list of ten areas where your business can benefit from automation right now. Maybe all ten will relate to your business, or perhaps just a few, but the important thing is to give you a path forward, a place to take your first step.

Achieve near 100% output integrity and satisfy reporting requirements.

Eliminate human errors and reduce costs by automating manual tasks.

Streamline mail handling to maximize discounts and reduce costs.

Manage personalized multi-channel communications.

Improve throughput, increase utilization of equipment and reduce costs.

Driving efficiency and automation at every stage in your workflow with Avanti Slingshot®

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