Clickable Paper merges print and digital marketing. With the free Clickable Paper smartphone app, print marketing pieces connect to real-time digital information

RICOH Clickable Paper

The RICOH Clickable Paper is an interactive print solution that bridges the traditional offline-online gap, connecting print and digital with cloud-based intelligent image recognition software.

Marketers can create multiple hotspots on a page, sign, poster, vehicle wrap and other assets, turning printed material into an interactive experience. Adding multiple hotspots to content enables you to take users on an instant journey — driving them to photos, videos, blogs, websites, e-commerce portals, maps and social networks.

Provide users a seamless cross-media experience, make print more exciting and position your business as innovative by grabbing your customer’s attention at critical points of opportunity and action. Track every interaction and measure results instantly.


Embedding online experiences into traditional static materials instantly adds cross-media value and significantly increases the ROI of print advertising budgets. It also creates integrated brand experiences that grow loyalty, drive brand awareness and ultimately increase revenue.

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