The InfoPrint® Font Collection consists of character sets and Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) code pages that let you print documents using familiar typefaces such as Helvetica, Times New Roman and Courier.

Minimum hardware requirements

IBM® System p® or System x® servers capable of running InfoPrint Manager or RICOH ProcessDirector

Software requirements

InfoPrint Font Collection can be installed and used on any AIX, Windows or Linux system platform supported by current releases of InfoPrint Manager and RICOH ProcessDirector.

InfoPrint Font Collection offers

A way to help you create AFP applications in the same popular typefaces found in Microsoft, Apple and other presentation environments.

  • Globalization of AFP applications in multiple languages using a single font
  • A set of AFP fonts that are consistent with those used in legacy AFP applications
  • A basic set of fonts in three technologies that can be used in creating AFP applications:
    • AFP raster fonts in 240 and 300 dots per inch
    • AFP outline fonts
    • WorldType font typefaces, including:
      • WorldType Sans
      • WorldType SansDuo
      • WorldType Serif
      • WorldType SerifDuo
  • WorldType font locales for printing in China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Middle East, Southeast Asia
  • A Resource Access Table (RAT) for printing with OpenType fonts in AFP systems
  • Language standard support for GB18030, JIS X 0213:2004, HKSCS:2004 and HKSCS:2008
  • AFP Classics fonts with Courier, Helvetica and Times New Roman typefaces in a TrueType/OpenType font format

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