RICOH TotalFlow Producer

RICOH TotalFlow Producer is a cloud-based workflow technology offering simple, easy-to-use tools for end-to-end production workflow which does not require expensive IT expertise. Regardless of vendor, this SaaS solution can automate the submission and consolidation of jobs from multiple sources and feed them to any hot folder or printer. Further, it allows for preflight automation of jobs, and has PDF editing capability.

  • Seamless production integration regardless of vendor
  • Jumpstart job onboarding and output automation capabilities
  • Automate job submission from multiple sources
  • Easy to set up and cost-effective customer-facing portals

Optimize your print
operations with ease

Workflow agility,
reliable results

Since our founding, Ricoh has been a leader in technological advancements, adopting and innovating the latest tech to improve our customers’ workflows. We’re excited to continue our history of innovation with 
RICOH TotalFlow Producer, a cloud-based solution designed to help our clients navigate and succeed in the fast-paced and increasingly digital modern business world.