How to Buy a Print MIS. Best practices in making an intelligent MIS purchase decision

Most printers are very comfortable buying print equipment; they do that every year or two. They are less comfortable buying software – especially Print MIS systems, which are meant to be in place for 15-20 years. Changing MIS systems is a significant decision affecting every aspect of your operation, so it is something you don’t want to do frequently. It is important to go about it the right way.

Avanti has been involved in Print MIS buying decisions every day for over 34 years, and we have compiled our expertise into some tips to help you navigate the Print MIS selection process and reduce your anxiety. Our goal is to help guide you on making the best decision for your print shop – whatever that may be.

Achieve near 100% output integrity and satisfy reporting requirements.

Eliminate human errors and reduce costs by automating manual tasks.

Streamline mail handling to maximize discounts and reduce costs.

Manage personalized multi-channel communications.

Improve throughput, increase utilization of equipment and reduce costs.

Driving efficiency and automation at every stage in your workflow with Avanti Slingshot®

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