Fast, accurate and affordable production printing

Managing print jobs can be troublesome with long queues, print delays and important jobs routed to the wrong machine. RICOH TotalFlow Production Manager software allows users to efficiently schedule and route print jobs, automate manual tasks, create processes and manage maintenance issues to maximize printer utilization while minimizing operator interventions.

This scalable solution allows customers to streamline their processes by automating manual tasks, which eliminates labor intensive steps, reduces human touch points, increases productivity and minimizes the risk of errors.

Best-in-class solution for commercial and publishing printers and across multiple verticals struggling with print production challenges including education, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, finance/insurance and government entities. RICOH TotalFlow Production Manager supports continuous improvement by tracking job and printer metrics. Keep control over your financial reporting by exporting the data in PDF and CSV formats for easy analysis and action. Set up tracking by user when you want to charge back costs to individual clients or workgroups.

Automate and simplify your production print management tasks with RICOH TotalFlow Production Manager.

Key Customer Advantages

Streamline Your Production Print Management

Optimize your device usage, getting your jobs on press faster through automated job ticketing, scheduling, workflow creation and reporting.

Increase Production Efficiency

Easily edit workflow steps with drag-and-drop ease, and reusing workflows, reducing the time to production.

Enable Business Growth

Expand your capabilities through automation and scalability by connecting up to 5 cutsheet printers, with the option to add up to 10 more across your print operations.

Key Capabilities

Increase printer usage and protect your investment

Improve printer monitoring, manage and load balance jobs across fleets of up to 15 devices from a single Production Manager install ensuring that your printer investment is fully utilized.

Make better print decisions

Save time and effort by creating custom workflows to meet your business needs and analyze performance through easy-to-use reporting and metrics to track printer efficiency.

Recoup production costs

With user code support, you can tailor your decisions to specific users’ needs—and facilitate chargeback systems to help recover costs.

Simplify workflow with centralized management

Manage job queues and resources by balancing workloads and seamlessly integrate with RICOH TotalFlow Prep for a dashboard view.

Save time with PDF job submission and pre-built workflows

Save time and effort with Production Manager’s pre-built workflows—simply drag and drop icons to add or remove steps from a workflow and customize your own, and have jobs ready to run and the flexibility to react to late-stage job edits with PDF job submission.


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Automate Your Print Challenges with RICOH TotalFlow Prep

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