Learn how RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder software simplifies and automates many steps in short-run digital production.

RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder

As print providers continue to experience a rapid increase in a variety of short-run requests, the ability to most efficiently and quickly print, finish and ship small jobs is critical to their success. RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder can automate the many steps of short-run production to help your business be more profitable.

Flexibility, control and visibility are fundamental elements of BatchBuilder’s vendor-neutral design. BatchBuilder organizes incoming jobs from multiple sources and can intelligently batch them for efficient production on an array of equipment based on any attribute you select – deadline, paper type, finishing, shipping vendor – it’s up to you. BatchBuilder provides a browser-based interface to centrally locate, monitor and control jobs that are anywhere in your shop for the ultimate visibility.


Say yes to your customers’ short-run print needs while increasing your operator efficiency, printer utilization, and business’ profitability with RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder.

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