Learn how RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder software simplifies and automates many steps in short-run digital production.

Streamline production print ticketing, scheduling, batching, routing, and finishing.

Say yes to your customer’s short-run print needs while increasing your operational efficiencies, printer utilization and business profitability with RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder.

As print providers continue to experience a rapid increase in a variety of short-run requests, the ability to print most efficiently and quickly, finish and ship small jobs is critical to their success. RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder can automate the many steps of short-run production to help your business be more profitable. Flexibility, control, and visibility are fundamental elements of BatchBuilder’s vendor-neutral design.

The solution simplifies and automates the production of short-run digital jobs for all types of midsize-to-large commercial print providers and in-plants. After you install the print production software, you can set up rules to organize and batch incoming jobs. Using up to 100 job-specific attributes, jobs that are similar will be printed and finished together, thereby streamlining ticketing, scheduling, routing and other tasks.

It organizes incoming jobs from multiple sources and can intelligently batch them for efficient production on an array of equipment based on any attribute you select – deadline, paper type, finishing, shipping vendor – it’s up to you. BatchBuilder provides a browser-based interface to centrally locate, monitor and control jobs that are anywhere in your shop for the ultimate visibility.

No matter what you’re printing — sales/marketing materials, books, manuals or other items — efficiency is the path to profitability. With BatchBuilder batching and output manager capabilities, you can group jobs in the way that’s best for your shop and your deadlines.

A solution for any print department struggling with short-run print runs, RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder is a great fit for education, manufacturing, finance/insurance and government entities.


Key Customer Advantages

Effective Scheduling

Improve productivity with the ability to schedule, batch and sort jobs according to user-defined criteria.

Reduction of Manual Touch Points

Lower cost by reducing labor requirements, mistakes, rework and wasted consumables.

Expand Production Efficiencies

Increase capacity to accept new customers and jobs by automating manual steps.

Increase Job Visibility

Manage resources more effectively with a 360-degree view of your jobs.

Job Estimating Accuracy

Optimize your resources efficiently by obtaining estimates of the time and media requirements for specific batches.

Key Capabilities

Automate manual tasks

Use RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder to automate manual tasks of batching, scheduling, prepress and imposition as part of your workflow to reduce bottlenecks and improve margin.

Optimize for your business priorities

RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder streamlines your operations by taking the chaos out of managing a large number of short-run jobs regardless of job type, by integrating with multiple sources, such as MIS, web-to-print and prepress.

Improve job scheduling

There are many scenarios for routing work through your shop. You can allow RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder to automate the definition and delivery of batches, or you can take a manual approach.

Increase production visibility

RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder provides visibility of order parts, batches of jobs, printer scheduling dashboard and the physical location. Job status can be passed back to the system that originated the order which can enhance internal and external communications.

Improve efficiency and profitability

The optimized output RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder delivers can help your shop increase throughput and equipment utilization by minimizing the number of set-ups and changeovers, resulting in improved overall productivity of your operation.

Manage batches your way

Have the flexibility with RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder to batch jobs based on the criteria you set, such as document size, paper type, finishing, deadline, and many more – even custom, allowing you the choice on how you prioritize and manage your work.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What can RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder solutions integrate with to help drive automation?


Ricoh can integrate to any system or printer using a mapping process driven by XML, JDF and CSV. If the system can produce or take one of these file types, we can integrate to them.


Where does RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder software sit in production?


This product usually sits closer to order entry to help with small run jobs that don’t fit well within traditional scheduling systems. Orders can be received, preflighted, imposed, batched, and then sent to a printer.


Can RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder software work with non-Ricoh printers?


Yes, we can send work to any printer which supports PDF input, and we can also pass JDF to eliminate operator entry.


How long does RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder software take to get up and running?


Depending on your configuration needs implementation can take 3-5 days.


How does RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder software drive automation?


The system can be setup to automatically receive orders, run appropriate preflight profiles, impose, and batch. This eliminates some of the manual touchpoints often plaguing print shops allowing for operators to focus on projects where they are needed the most.

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