RICOH InfoPrint Font Collection

The RICOH InfoPrint Font Collection consists of character sets and Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) code pages that let you print documents using familiar typefaces such as Helvetica, Times New Roman and Courier. The collection supports the globalization of AFP applications in up to 50 languages using a single font and improves document appearance by increasing print quality on high-resolution printers. A basic set of printing fonts are provided in three technologies: AFP raster fonts, AFP outline fonts and WorldType fonts. In addition, 6 new Extended xB Chinese fonts have been added to enhance the range of graphic capabilities for the current Chinese fonts.


Key Customer Advantages

Customize Documents

Express style and tone for maximum impact and effect in your marketing and communications materials.

Facilitate Globalization

Globalize AFP applications in multiple languages using a single font.

Maximize Design Flexibility

Superior support for international character sets and for multiple platforms with TrueType/OpenType fonts.


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Product Brochure

RICOH InfoPrint Font Collection Brochure

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