A RICOH TotalFlow Prep review by PODi.

Speed up your document production by automating prepress steps.

Mistakes can be expensive, especially if they require job do-overs and waste costly media through errors and reprints. RICOH TotalFlow Prep prepress software provides the ability to preview every print job, including finishing selections.

As files arrive from multiple sources in multiple formats, RICOH TotalFlow Prep prepress software helps you quickly and accurately transform them into print-ready PDFs, improving your profitability by increasing print accuracy. RICOH TotalFlow Prep, which can be used in most production print environments, comes with standard and optional workflow and editing tools. Users can maximize substrate sheet size, insert tabs with text and artwork, create paperless job tickets to streamline production and more.

With an easy-to-use intuitive interface, RICOH TotalFlow Prep can help printers with page-level job accuracy, making the transition from order acceptance to job preparation swift, accurate and seamless. The faster you can prepare orders for production, the faster you can fill them – improving productivity, quality and your revenue stream.

Shorten turnaround times, reduce errors and lower costs with a simple but robust make-ready file software that simplifies file creation and gets jobs on press faster.

A solution for any print department struggling to create make-ready files, RICOH TotalFlow Prep is a great fit for education, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, finance/insurance and government entities.

Key Customer Advantages

Improve Production Efficiency

Maximize your operation’s resources by automating repetitive, time-consuming and manual tasks.

Reduce Costly Errors

Minimize reprints and consumable waste that cut into your razor thin profitability by reducing manual touch points and unnecessary errors.

Speed Your Time to Press

View, manage and manipulate files and other production information easily by using the intuitive graphical user interface (GUI).

Key Capabilities

Job set-up accuracy

Quickly perform essential tasks, including job creation, tab setup, page order setup and the assignment of job properties with minimal operator training. Changes are reflected in a visual preview allowing users to check pagination and job layout prior to printing.

Automation of common tasks

Automate common imposition and page setup tasks such as booklets and business cards using programmable pre-sets and hot folders to enable reproduction of common work.

Simplification of multiple file formats

Regardless of the file formats you’re given, combine them into one print-ready file, including bleed-edge tabs, media and finishing that matches equipment capabilities.

Last minute client editing

Make the changes and the deadline with late stage editing abilities: add logos, text, and make other edits without compromising your schedule or your customer’s.

Intelligent integration

Achieve the very best in make-ready and output management by leveraging RICOH TotalFlow Prep’s tight integration with RICOH TotalFlow Production Manager™, any Ricoh cut sheet production printer using a Ricoh or EFI® Fiery controller and an extensive list of inline and nearline finishers.

Imposition capabilities

Maximize the use of paper and minimize waste with imposition options that support the most common layouts for N-up and booklet making. Barcodes, marks, banner sheet tools, customized settings and automation options help streamline jobs from start to finish.


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