FusionPro VDP Solutions

FusionPro VDP solutions provide a powerful yet user friendly suite of tools for the design and creation of personalized communications that will help you stand out and get noticed. Whether you are in the financial services or insurance businesses, effective client communication is mission critical.  Ricoh’s personalization technologies help print service providers, agencies and marketing teams expand the service offerings to clients using highly personalized and relevant communications to increase response rates and drive sales.

Easily combine customer data with pre-defined templates to produce dynamic marketing pieces, including high-volume coupons, tags, labels, bills and statements for improved campaign effectiveness and ROI.


FusionPro is available in a range of offerings from desktop VDP composition to a high-performance API that can be integrated into an existing web infrastructure to enable personalized and variable composition.

FusionPro Creator Bundle

  • Variable Data Printing (VDP) template creation
  • Desktop composition
  • Used for moderate VDP volume
  • Suitable for one user, up to 30,000 records per job
  • Built-in imposition
  • Includes FusionPro Expression®

FusionPro Producer

  • Offload large compositions to a server in your environment
  • Single server configuration
  • Used for multiple VDP concurrent jobs
  • Suitable for up to 5 concurrent users, up to 50,000 records per job
  • Automatically routes completed jobs to a hot folder
  • Includes FusionPro Designer for template building/design

FusionPro Server

  • Used by Operations and IT to automate VDP workflow
  • Single server or multi-server configuration
  • Can be integrated with web solutions for personalized documents
  • Scalable to support enterprise users, 200,000+ records per job
  • VDP Job Automation with FusionPro Watch folders
  • Includes FusionPro Designer for template building/design

FusionPro Expression

  • Create stunning personalized graphics for use in print or digital campaigns
  • Includes image personalization from over 170 pre-built templates
  • 5 different personalization types: masking text, nodes and paths, fill paths, image characters and tiles
  • Automate image creation for campaigns with Expression Server

FusionPro can help you build brand-aware, highly customized material for print and digital delivery.

Personalized Printing Applications

Deliver stronger impact and improve response rates with 1-to-1 messaging and compelling personalized imagery.

Dynamic Design Capabilities

Integration with Adobe InDesign and Acrobat, providing a seamless plug-and-play interface for flexible VDP document creation from almost any design file that can be converted to PDF.

Fluid Data Integration

From simple to complex or large-scale variable data output, the intuitive functionality can handle the most sophisticated data requirements.

Automated Workflow Efficiencies

Automate with speed and accuracy, creating everything from engaging personalized communication to data-rich business documents in a faster, smarter and more cost-effective way.


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