FusionPro VDP Solutions

FusionPro VDP solutions  provide a powerful yet user friendly suite of tools for the design and creation of personalized communications that will help you stand out and get noticed. Easily combine customer data with pre-defined templates to produce dynamic marketing pieces, including high-volume coupons, tags, labels, bills and statements for improved campaign effectiveness and ROI.


FusionPro is available in a range of offerings from desktop VDP composition to a high-performance API that can be integrated into an existing web infrastructure to enable personalized and variable composition. 


Whether you are in the financial services or insurance businesses, effective client communication is mission critical. FusionPro can help you build brand-aware, highly customized material for print and digital delivery. Ricoh’s personalization technologies help print service providers, agencies and marketing teams to expand the service offerings to clients using highly personalized and relevant communications to increase response rates and drive sales.

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