What exactly does MarcomCentral Distributed Marketing do? Learn how to ensure your global teams have up to date materials, safeguarding brand consistency, at their fingertips anywhere, anytime.

Full Service Brand Management and Distributed Marketing

Empower your team, mobilize your brand. MarcomCentral is smart file management, creating a centralized location where dispersed teams can easily collaborate, access files, and stay connected wherever they’re working.

MarcomCentral is the only cloud-based marketing technology with 24-hour access that combines digital asset management, dynamic content customization, and sales enablement into one easy-to-use platform. Trusted by 3 million users, this award-winning distributed marketing platform facilitates the creation of marketing campaigns with uniform brand consistency. Empower your sales teams by storing internal rich media, creative files, and finished marketing assets in the same, accessible location. Easily modify, update, distribute and track collateral and assets in a customized portal that matches your corporate identity for a seamless brand experience.

Using MarcomCentral marketing asset management software, print service providers (PSPs) and enterprises can centralize and automate the creation, printing, management and delivery of static, versioned and variable data pieces. The hosted software as a service (SaaS) provides web-to-print (W2P) storefronts for PSPs and a marketing on-demand system for enterprises. Prebuilt integrations for third-party systems simplify connections to web services and data feeds to increase your cross-media marketing opportunities.

This award-winning solution provides finance, education, hospitality, healthcare, consumer goods and manufacturing businesses a centralized location where dispersed teams can easily collaborate, access approved files, and stay connected wherever they’re working.

Key Customer Advantages

Increase print-for-pay revenue by providing simplified web ordering and customization of client marketing materials.

Improve enterprise marketing with web-based portals that help you integrate resources, impose brand control and increase campaign effectiveness.

Serve worldwide audiences with international support for marketing content, currencies, shipping and more.

Key Capabilities

Edit Assets

Using dynamic templates, quickly edit fields of text to create a custom asset without sending a request to marketing.

Universal Updates

Enforce brand guidelines by effectively managing outdated images, trademarks, logos or disclaimers by making a single update to all relevant assets.

Distribution Options

Instantly access many file types to download, email, print or post to social media channels with multi-format output.

Digital Asset Management

Visually organized asset collections get you what you’re after with speed and clarity.

Business Intelligence

Create custom reports, track trends, find out what assets are being used, who’s using them and eliminate low performers.

Tech Stack Integration

Seamless integration with MarcomCentral supercharges the platforms that are key to your workflow, centralizing brand assets for easy employee access.


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