Driving Supply Chain Accuracy

Efficiency across the supply chain can directly affect overall customer satisfaction.
Monitoring and tracking a demand-driven operation driving the efficient forward and reverse flow of goods, services, and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption can help deliver what the customer wants.
By looking at the technological capabilities across your supply chain and logistics processes, there is an opportunity to improve your business performance and the bottom line.

Critical Print

Many business processes rely on critical print: any printed material that is essential to the successful completion of a process across your supply chain.
Automated processes have helped businesses achieve their supply chain and logistics goals to overcome their critical print challenges. Increase productivity through on-time and error-free delivery, process time reduction and capacity increase, agility to address peaks and seasonality.

Process Improvement

Printing at the point of need is the starting point of answering the identified challenges. Replacing the bulk printing with printing the right document at the right time in the most appropriate location not only brings efficiencies to your workflow but may remove warehousing and transportation costs, reduce waste and redundancy, and increase throughput.

Personalized Communications

Intelligent templates print files can be created on the fly, using data which can be pulled in from multiple data sets in-house to produce completely unique, highly targeted, relevant messaging for each recipient, improving asset accuracy and continuity and removing 3rd party supplier costs.

Ricoh Software Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions

RICOH ProcessDirector™
Expense reduction through mailing efficiencies; compliance and output integrity.
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RICOH Supervisor™
Real-time data assesses capacity, performance and boosts better decision-making.
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Avanti Slingshot® Print MIS
Automated estimating, scheduling, inventory management and fulfillment processes.
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RICOH TotalFlow™ Producer
Lightweight on-demand print management reducing reliance on IT resources and manual touch points.
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RICOH InfoPrint Manager™
Centralized control over daily printing needs.
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RICOH Web Enablement Solutions Suite
Comprehensive suite of tools and technologies for transforming print assets into interactive web content, facilitating seamless integration of print and digital channels, and enhancing online customer experiences.
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Give locations the ability to personalize their sales materials with local flair in a snap.
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RICOH Auto Color Adjuster
Must color match prints from previous jobs or external sources.
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Case Studies


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