RICOH InfoPrint XT

Efficiently migrate legacy Xerox applications to an open, industry-standard format with RICOH InfoPrint XT. This transform technology allows you to print your native Xerox jobs on high-speed, InfoPrint Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS) printers without needing to modify the applications that generate Xerox jobs. Available on AIX, Linux and Windows®, InfoPrint XT uses IBM® Xerox transform (XT) technology to convert Xerox data to the Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) format, a presentation architecture for creating, storing, retrieving, viewing and printing data.

Control formatting, paper output, document storage and whether a document is to be printed or viewed online across a distributed network multiple operating system platforms.

Key Advantages

InfoPrint XT stores the AFP resources in libraries so the resources can be automatically accessed for printing on all of the printers that use them.

Open Standards

Convert Xerox line-conditioned data stream (LCDS) and metacode jobs into AFP format.

Versatile Output

Enable single datastream application printing in a multivendor print environment.

Quality Control Assurance

Enhance your color capabilities by migrating Xerox highlight color applications to high-speed full-color printers.


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Product Brochure

RICOH InfoPrint XT Brochure

Technical Specifications

RICOH InfoPrint XT Technical Specifications


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