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Bringing together two workflow automation powerhouses to deliver users advanced data via customizable dashboards, providing visibility down to the document level was bound to be a winner. We knew it, and now it’s official. The integration of RICOH ProcessDirector™ and RICOH Supervisor™ has won a coveted PRINTING United Alliance 2022 Pinnacle Product Award for Software – Variable and Transactional. Learn more and contact us for more details.

An overview of RICOH Supervisor, a SaaS-based business intelligence solution for print.

RICOH Supervisor

Use real time dashboards to optimize your print environment and make better business decisions based on data, not assumptions.

Cloud-based, vendor-agnostic RICOH Supervisor print shop management software gathers and displays operational data from multiple sources, allowing you to evaluate throughput and printer performance. The customizable dashboard displays details that help you improve print job estimating, operator skills, compliance and more. Affordable price plans for individual print shops and enterprises include desktop and mobile access.

Stop guessing about how to increase efficiency and profitability. RICOH Supervisor collects, deciphers, and displays operational data sourced from connected production print devices and software. The included business intelligence engine creates dashboard views that show you how your print shop is performing. Armed with key performance indicators (KPIs), you can improve:

  • Capacity planning
  • Workload balancing
  • Workflow processes
  • Operator skills

A solution for any print department struggling with visibility and transparency in their production workflow, RICOH Supervisor is a great fit for education, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, finance/insurance, commercial print and book publishing.

Empower users to optimize device utilization, monitor throughput to plan for peak capacity, increase staff, shift resources, and confidently make strategic investments to improve your bottom line with RICOH Supervisor.

Key Customer Advantages

Greater Data Transparancy

Make decisions based on your operational data, which you can view on easy-to-understand, personalized dashboards.

Actionable Business Insights

Improve job estimating accuracy by analyzing historical data related to jobs and devices.

Optimize Performance

Identify and resolve issues promptly to optimize capacity, workload balancing and workflow processes.

Key Capabilities

Shop-floor visibility

Set and track goals for printers, operators and production by assessing web-based dashboards anytime.

Secured and scalable

Cloud-based platform with encrypted data handling and flexible, subscription-based pricing.

Comprehensive data collection

Gather shop-wide data from all of your devices with Supervisor’s vendor-neutral and open-architecture design.

Intuitive, customizable dashboards

Gain instant visibility into your operation’s performance through clearly visualized dashboard interfaces that are viewable from anywhere you have internet access.

Data-driven decision-making

Leverage a powerful business intelligence engine to create a thorough picture of your business and help inform purchasing decisions.

Performance evaluation

Compare actual versus historical throughput data to analyze overall performance and individual device statistics to help optimize your processes and assets.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Does RICOH Supervisor only support Ricoh printers?


No. Using SNMP we can collect data from most printers. We do have limitations on what data we can collect if the customer is not using a Ricoh printer. Please contact your representative for more information on your setup.


Can RICOH Supervisor connect to other software systems?


Yes. We have integrations for our own RICOH ProcessDirector™ and Avanti Slingshot® Print MIS. With the help of the Ricoh Professional Service team, we can build custom integrations to help your business goals and strategy.


How can RICOH Supervisor help my business?


Data is often challenging to make sense of. This tool provides out of the box access to key visualizations making it easy to use but also allows you the ability to customize so whether you need simple or complex it has you covered.


Does this tool provide predictions?


Yes, RICOH Supervisor does offer some simple projections for you and more are coming in the future.


Can RICOH Supervisor work on premise?


No. This product is only delivered as a SaaS offering which always provides you with the latest function and security to ensure your data is safe.

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