Learn how ColorGATE’s Productionserver can help you maintain color quality, precision and consistency across your entire print workflow.

ColorGATE Productionserver

ColorGATE Productionserver is an easy to use software solution that enables you to precisely control color in digital printing while professionally managing data by synchronizing across multiple output systems. Through accurate color reproduction adhering to recognized industry standards such as ISO, Fogra and G7, Productionserver ensures the delivery of high-quality, printed materials every time. Its modular architecture enables you to use only what’s needed, helping your operation stay cost-efficient and streamlined based on the right configurations for each of your job requirements.

Market Segments We Serve

Commercial Print & Graphic Arts

Get consistent color performance across all your print systems when producing high-quality customer communications materials, including brochures, flyers, invitations, magazines, newsletters, catalogues and promotional print, according to recognized standards.

Large Format

Create impactful large-scale products including murals, posters, signs, outdoor advertising, retail displays and trade show graphics, with color uniformity and consistency, regardless of what materials or substrates are used in the job.


Bring textile designers’ visions to life on any fabric with a combination of process automation and accurate color management across all production systems.

Industrial Print

Get color-accurate printing with easy color adjustments and fast reproductions, no matter what decorative surface you print on—be it ceramics or vinyl, laminate or wood.

Key Customer Advantages

State-of-the-art Color Management

Know in advance how precisely a design can be reproduced — even with different printing systems.

Recognized Color Standards and File Formats

Printing with recognized color standards and multiple formats across all of your systems helps to guarantee accurate output every time.

Easy Color Control

Create production-ready color profiles with automated color characterization and control for quality assurance.

Modular Design

Use only what you need and pay for only what you use. The flexible, modular design is configurable across various applications, helping you stay streamlined and cost-efficient.

Design Transfer Film (DTF) or Textile Printing

Easy fabric printing without the need for time-consuming weeding. Both single prints (sheet material) and large print runs (roll material) are possible.


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Product Brochure

ColorGATE brochure for Commercial & Industrial Print

Technical Specifications

System requirements


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Frequently Asked Questions


Does ColorGATE Productionserver support my device?


We support more than 1.900 devices. You can check our list of supported devices at https://www.colorgate.com/service-support/resources/supported-devices/printers


Is It possible to create automated workflows?


Yes. With ColorGATE Productionserver you have various options to automate your print workflows. The latest is our REST API Module. With REST API you can link your whole workflow. Connect ColorGATE Productionserver with your online shop and directly send them to the right printer automatically.


I need to reduce my costs. Can ColorGATE Productionserver help me with saving ink?


Yes. ColorGATE Productionserver Ink Saver reduces ink consumption by analyzing each pixel of a print file to see if there is a color combination that looks the same but uses less ink. ​It is based on the concept of under color removal but goes far beyond industry standard implementations. Depending on your printer and the design you want to produce, you can save up to 40 % of ink.


What is a color profile?


A color profile describes the color properties, i.e. the gamut, of your device. The color profile is an important data set that ColorGATE Productionserver works with in order to output your print data with color accuracy.


Can I use ColorGATE Productionserver on a MAC?


No, we currently do not support Mac OS.

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