Deliver more jobs in less time for greater profitability.

In many production print operations, the line from print shop estimating and order entry to billing is not straight. Some parts are automated, some are not, and disconnects cause bottlenecks when data from one step of the workflow must be re-entered into the next step. Slingshot print management software connects systems so information flows smoothly and reliably by:

  • Supporting multiple lines of business, including offset, digital, large-format, fulfillment, mailing and marketing services, to diversify offerings.
  • Incorporating business intelligence, production planning, warehousing, shipping and billing to streamline operations and customer communications.
  • Relying on industry standards such as JMF and JDF and a robust API for web-to-print integration.



Avanti Slingshot Print MIS workflow automation software powers growth and efficiency for mid-size and large commercial print service providers, while improving customer experience. It incorporates accounting, purchasing, CRM, inventory management, scheduling and other business systems into one easy-to-implement and easy-to-use system. Flexible setup options include purchasing, leasing and on-premises or cloud-hosted implementation of optional modules.

Speed up ROI, whether you’re moving off an existing system or starting up a new Avanti Slingshot Print MIS system. Avanti Slingshot comes prepackaged with import and migration tools such as the Estimating Standards Library and the QuickStart Database so you can get up and running quickly. The intuitive, browser-based interface provides secure access from any device so you can monitor and manage your business from anywhere. Expedite implementation and integration by taking advantage of assessment services and workflow evaluations.

Avanti Slingshot Print MIS enables your organization to deliver more jobs in less time, with the confidence in knowing that every aspect of your shop is integrated into one powerful, vendor-neutral and scalable Avanti Slingshot Print MIS platform.

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Future proof your print business with a flexible management information system at the core of your operations that offers built-in intelligence, presenting real-time information when and where it’s needed.

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Key Customer Advantages

Browser-based Workflow Automation

Streamline print production and business operations from estimating to billing through a web-based interface.

Simplified Implementation and User Tools

Expedite implementation with prepackaged import and migration tools that also reduce end-user training time.

Integration and Monitoring of Disparate Systems

Integrate applications such as business intelligence, production planning, shipping and more, so that information flows smoothly throughout your business.

Key Capabilities


Create accurate and competitive quotes to win more business

Web-to-Print (W2P)

Customer Gateway for dynamic pricing, item availability, order submission, and shipping details.

Sales Orders

Eliminate the re-keying of job information, decreasing costly errors

Job Ticketing and Change Orders

Review and communicate job information quickly and easily.

Inventory and Purchasing

Maintain control of material costs and procurement.


Visibility of detailed job data monitors progress and increases throughput

Job Costing and Tracking

Shop floor data collection of actual time and materials from production.


Track jobs from estimates to delivery through planning and distribution module


Ship-to data is seamlessly delivered to the provider of choice

Billing and Accounts Receivable

Automate and consolidate invoicing, track cash receipts, and report aging account receivables.


Eliminate workflow breakpoints with storefront, production, shipping, and accounting systems.

Business Intelligence

Reporting, dashboards and CRM data at your fingertips for better business decisions.

Avanti Slingshot® Mobile App

Finally! Data entry processes for warehouse management are no longer confined to a desktop. They are implemented in the warehouse with the addition of mobile devices, including mobile computers, smartphones, and tablets, which serve as data entry points to report back to the Avanti Slingshot Inventory and Fulfillment modules.

Gain business-wide traceability, employee accountability and real-time speed and responsiveness using your mobile device. Transition from pen and paper to a digital environment that does away with the re-keying of data and possibility of human entry error. Combined with Avanti Slingshot Inventory management and Fulfillment, the Avanti mobile app helps to speed fulfillment time, increase inventory accuracy, improve customer service, expand warehouse productivity and ultimately, reduce labor costs.

Avanti’s mobile application can be installed on any device running on Android or iOS, using the device’s wireless network connection to connect directly to your Avanti Slingshot system. Mobile users in the warehouse can look-up inventory items, enter receipts (PO, direct, ASN, warehouse transfer, production), transfers, and adjustments, and complete counts, picks, and replenishments.

Key Customer Advantages

Streamlined installation through the Google and Apple App Stores, with authorization and management within Avanti Slingshot, reducing onboarding and deployment overhead.

Automated warehouse tracking using handheld scanners removes the guesswork and extra labor from your warehouse management processes.

Elimination of manual entry can improve accuracy, accountability and helps minimize administrative costs.

Control and manage day-to-day operations by fulfilling orders quickly and instantaneously tracing ordered products within the warehouse.

Manage processes including receiving, fulfillment, inventory receipts, counts, and moves, working in conjunction with Slingshot’s inventory system.

Scan barcodes on incoming packages, putting products into inventory and generating new labels to print, and updating inventory.

View a list of all jobs that are ready to be picked, with description, quality and location, creating a logical warehouse walking order.

Reconcile variances in physical inventory by scanning inventory barcodes using the hand-held scanner or mobile device camera and entering the quantity on hand.

Real-time data provides on-the-spot inventory management, transaction and fulfillment information, tracking and reporting.

Note: Mobile devices required to run the Avanti Mobile app are not included and must be purchased separately.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Avanti Slingshot have various configurations?


Avanti Slingshot is a modular solution. The most basic solution provides Estimating, Order Management, Job Management, Inventory, Change Orders, Standard Reports and System Securities.


Can we add modules after the initial order?


Yes, additional modules can be added into your initial configuration, or they can be added later. The solution is designed to grow as your business needs grow.


Does the system come pre-configured? How much work is required to set-up?


Avanti Slingshot has a quick start database and other tools to import data as part of the system set-up. An implementation project plan is built based on your licensed modules and specific workflow requirements. Ricoh offers additional services to either assist with the buildout of the system or complete the set-up for your workflows.


Can this solution be deployed in the cloud?


Avanti Slingshot can either be deployed on a local server or in the cloud.


Does Ricoh offer subscription plans for Avanti Slingshot?


Yes, we offer perpetual license or subscription plans.


Can Avanti Slingshot be integrated with my current web-to-print solution? How about other solutions?


Yes, we offer an integration to most web-to-print solutions and the system also offers a web submission system, so your customers can submit orders. In addition, Avanti Slingshot integrates with many production print workflow solutions, mail management solutions, shipping programs, and accounting systems.

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