How do you unlock the 5 stages of your print production ecosystem to deliver more revenue opportunities?

It’s all in the smooth handoff.

No job succeeds or fails at a single point in the print production process. No matter the size of your plant or facility, limiting human touchpoints on a job through automation and having a smooth handoff from step to step – from input to delivery – is your path to efficiency and improved profitability.

Join our expert panel featuring Pat McGrew, Managing Director of the McGrew Group, Ryan McAbee, Chief Analyst at Pixel Dot Consulting and Linnea Wolken, Director, Global Marketing, Alliances & Operations, Ricoh Graphic Communications Group in a lively discussion on how to capitalize on opportunities for new business and profits by enabling smooth transitions through each step:

  1. Input: Much More Than File Submission
    • This is the starting block that captures job orders using a process that standardizes every element. Given the potential variability of each job, how files are entered often determines the outcome.
  1. Manage: Performance Matters
    • Track every step of the job through estimating, scheduling, relying on real-time data to maximize your resources and provide the ability to quickly course correct to ensure a smooth production process.
  1. Prepare: Looking Towards the Finish Line
    • Visualizing what the result looks like and preparing for the output is the key to avoiding costly obstacles and pitfalls that hinder your bottom line.
  1. Produce: Make it Happen
    • Optimize the job files so the output matches the customer’s intentions.
  1. Output: Finish and Regroup
    • Deliver the best product possible based on customer specifications and take corrective action over any issues that may have arisen before inputting the next job.

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Meet the Presenters

Ryan McAbee
Ryan McAbee

Ryan McAbee is the Chief Analyst at Pixel Dot Consulting, a firm that partners with companies in the production printing industry to ‘Elevate print through tech.’ We help OEMs and PSPs define and build their future through consulting, market analysis, product strategy, sales enablement, and industry education services. Ryan has spent over 20 years immersed in the technology that powers print, working with a wide range of well-known and industry leading vendors and print service providers.

Linnea Wolken
Linnea Wolken

Linnea brings over 20 years of global business strategy, brand development and product management experience to Ricoh, where she is responsible for growing the worldwide awareness and demand of the production workflow software and solutions portfolio. In her role of Director, Global Marketing, Alliances & Operations, Linnea also manages global strategic partnerships and marketing operations for Ricoh which provides her a comprehensive view of the business, customers and markets. Prior to joining Ricoh, Linnea held key leadership positions at Hunter Douglas, US West/Qwest, and PepsiCo. Linnea earned undergraduate degrees in Business Administration and International Affairs, and holds a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business from Hofstra University. A New York native residing in Colorado, Linnea balances her time with her active family, dogs, enjoying the local ski slopes, and volunteering her ample skills as an accredited global marketing leader and speaker to various non-profit organizations and small businesses.

Pat McGrew
Pat McGrew

Always promoting best practices for the print business, Pat leverages decades of industry experience as an owner, executive, marketer, analyst, evangelist and consultant to enable your hardware, software and services business growth. Always an advocate for the customer, particularly in workflow and bizflow effectiveness, business management and portfolio messaging, Pat’s vast experience spans all customer communication channels and segments in order to assist you in your strategic goals. An experienced professional speaker, analyst, podcaster and host of #PrintSampleTV, Pat is well recognized and awarded for her contribution to the industry, and sought out globally to perform triage on your business needs. Pat is certified as a Master Electronic Document Professional by Xplor, as a Color Management Professional (CMP), CMP Digital, and BrandQ Professional by IDEAlliance.

Mark Michelson
Mark Michelson

Mark Michelson serves as editor-in-chief of Printing Impressions Magazine. He has served in that capacity since 1985. Michelson received the Tom McMillan Award for graphic arts industry journalistic excellence, and is an inductee into the NAPL (now Idealliance) Soderstrom Society and the PIA Ben Franklin Honor Society, among other honors.


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