NAPCO and Ricoh – Future-proof Your Data Integration

Stats show that 94% of B2B companies believe their data is inaccurate. That sounds pretty serious, but why should you care? How does it affect your business?

We rely on business intelligence to manage our customer, vendor, and supplier relationships for much of the work produced in our print shops. In an industry like ours, where we’re already working on razor-thin margins, any data errors threaten to erode that.

Accuracy of data is important, but it isn’t self-managing. Instead, applying it in our day-to-day production, business reporting, and future decision-making takes strategic, reliable, and automated processes.

Join us for an interactive discussion that will help you better understand the impact that stronger integration can bring to your organization. Strategic marketing solutions provider, AIIM, will be joined by its vendor partners as it shares the values gained from its own implementation of Avanti and Ricoh integrated solutions. You’ll learn how data can best be gathered and curated for maximum results, including:

  • Discovering the BI best practices of industry leaders and the effect on their profitability
  • Uncovering the data exchange points in your workflow with production and MIS integration and how it delivers efficiencies across your supply chain
  • Identifying key performance indicators and metrics that will help measure the health of your business across all lines of business
  • Discussing what opportunities are being missed without adequate data capture and BI tools

Register now! Be sure to check out Ricoh’s six-part ecosystem ebook series for in-plant and print service providers for more information on each stage of your print production workflow.

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