NAPCO and Ricoh – MANAGE: Job Accuracy and Tracking for Optimal Production Performance

On average, printers manage some portion of up to 30 jobs a day.

Doesn’t sound too bad until you consider tracking every step of the job through estimating, scheduling, job costing and capacity planning, while relying on real-time data to maximize your resources, then being able to adjust for fluctuation in materials and late-stage customer changes.

What could possibly go wrong??

The better question is “what couldn’t go wrong?” when every detail missed will kill any hope you have of profitability or customer satisfaction?

Manage, the 2nd stage in the print ecosystem, is all about accuracy from estimating to data hygiene.

Hosted by an expert panel featuring Pat McGrew, Managing Director of the McGrew Group, Ryan McAbee, Chief Analyst at Pixel Dot Consulting and Linnea Wolken, Director, Global Marketing, Alliances & Operations, Ricoh Graphic Communications Group.

Join us to learn how to capitalize on the MANAGE stage of your ecosystem:

  • Estimating: what’s the cost of getting it wrong?
  • How to use pre-set templates and implement custom customer pricing
  • How to balance resources with capacity planning
  • Making the case for automation with customer scenarios

What’s up next? PREPARE, October 19th, 2022

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