The success of your business depends on data analysis accuracy, but without proper understanding of what your numbers mean and why they matter, it can be difficult to drive productive business decisions. From which printers are generating the highest throughput, to how many operator hours are spent managing each device, your data helps paint the full picture of your operation and enables you to justify your operational strategy. 

You know data analysis is important for your business. The real question is, what to do with the data to take your business further. In other words, how do you ensure you’re gathering the right operational data and leveraging that information to drive improved efficiency, better operational visibility and greater profitability? 

Learn about:  

  • The valuable data you should be tracking to grow your business
  • Why this data matters, how to use it and what the benefits are
  • How data analysis can help answer your business-focused questions 
  • Customer success stories on leveraging data

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Meet the Presenters

Linda Liebelt
Linda Liebelt

Linda has contributed to the print industry in pivotal roles for nearly 40 years. Starting at IBM in Boulder, Colorado, she had a big impact on the usability and success of the early AFP printers and software, and was among the original team who brought Infoprint ProcessDirector to the market in 2007. After serving in many roles on the RICOH ProcessDirector™ team, Linda is now the Product Owner, bringing the voice of the customer to the product development team in order to deliver the best solutions into the market for overall customer success.

Lisa Oakleaf
Lisa Oakleaf

Lisa is a Colorado native who has always had a passion for print. Before beginning in product marketing at Ricoh, she worked in the commercial print segment for more than 20 years. Her experience encompasses all aspects of the print workflow: production management, scheduling, planning and advanced prepress integration from Kodak, Agfa, Screen and many more. Her fluency in offset and digital technologies has served her well in the product marketing landscape where Lisa manages commercial print software solutions. Always a customer advocate, Lisa applies their feedback to help develop better products for their business success.

Matt Prusa
Matt Prusa

A 30-year sales veteran with broad leadership expertise, Matt has been applying his business acumen to both sales agency and production print environments, expanding their capabilities through automation and meeting aggressive sales targets. Currently the Director of Sales, Software & Strategic Solutions for RICOH Graphic Communications, Matt has been guiding the strategic direction and planning for the Avanti Sales and Solutions Architect teams, driving to overachieve the company’s print MIS sales goals since 2013 across North America and the UK. Mr. Prusa is a graduate of the University of Missouri, Kansas City with a Master in Business Administration in addition to holding Public Accounting and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certifications.

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