How to Create Impactful Personalized Communications

During these challenging times, creating impactful marketing and communications documents in order to ‘stand out’ has never been more critical.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit through highly personalized applications – from customized billing transactions, to tailored brochures and newsletters or targeted direct mail campaigns.

Learn how FusionPro®, MarcomCentral’s leading technology for creating marketing and communication documents for print and digital delivery, creates powerful assets through personalized printing applications, dynamic design capabilities, fluid data integration and automated workflow efficiencies.

Douglas Cogan, Vice President, VDP Technologies, MarcomCentral, A Ricoh Company, provides a live demonstration to show how this easy to use software with an arsenal of intelligent capabilities helps you deliver assets within minutes, including:

  • Creating eye-catching, 1-1 personalized content delivering strong response rates
  • Using external assets to present timely information without manual changes to templates
  • Effectively using color to appeal to your audience

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