Output: Ensuring a Smooth Landing for a Quick Turnaround

Congratulations! You’ve landed safely. Now what?

While the passengers are weaving their way to baggage claim or ground transportation, the pilots are going through their post-flight checklist in order to prepare the plane for the next crew and share any potential maintenance issues that occurred during the flight. The checklist and processes ensure the plane is ready for a quick turn at the gate after addressing any potential safety issues.

Like most print operations, commercial printers move onto the next job in the queue, and sometimes in different shifts, as quickly as possible without giving much thought to the ones just completed. What’s done is done and you are on to the next job. As a result, continuous improvement becomes aspirational without any follow-through. Once the job is finished and delivered, critical next steps for success are easy to overlook or pass over if thorough processes, accountability, and oversight are not in place.

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