Prepare: Putting Your Print Production on Autopilot

Airline pilots use preflight checklists before every flight. The checklist ensures that no detail is overlooked or missed before flying. Even one omission can result in a serious in-flight problem with potentially dire consequences for the crew and passengers.

Preflight checks bring that same standardization to commercial printers and their workflow processes, so each type of application can seamlessly flow through production. Standardizing processes minimizes the potential for errors regardless of who is preparing the jobs.

The essence of preparation is understanding the job requirements and the metrics that determine successful production and delivery to the customer’s specifications.

The production file typically needs additional preparation in order to move smoothly into production. This is where preflighting, color management, imposition, and batching may be performed by independent tools or a suite of products. Still, the best practice is to create an automated, unified flow where jobs can move unimpeded through production.

The goal is to standardize on tools that integrate, increasing efficiency.

Are you prepared for an efficient production process?

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