The automation of manual tasks, combined with at-a-glance customized dashboards, provide end-to-end visibility, empowering teams to view, analyze, track and trace the entire operation across multiple locations within a single view.

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Delivering Customer Value

  • Track jobs from receipt to delivery for complete piece level visibility
  • Unify systems, automate manual tasks and workflow processes
  • Generate audit trails to meet compliance and reporting requirements
  • Maximize postal discounts by using business rules
  • Flexible access to select solutions with subscription pricing

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RICOH ProcessDirector™

The leading automated end-to-end workflow management solution designed to capture, transform and manage information and processes in ways that can help achieve 100% output integrity, reduce costs, eliminate errors, increase productivity, streamline a variety of production environments, and of course, boost profitability.

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ColorGATE Productionserver

ColorGATE Productionserver is an easy to use software solution that enables you to precisely control color in digital printing while professionally managing data by synchronizing across multiple output systems.

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Onyx Thrive

The workflow software that offers print service providers a scalable print production solution based on Adobe® technologies. Print service providers can feel confident about investing in workflow software that fits the way their shop works today, with the peace of mind that comes with the ability to scale as their business grows.

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Quadient Impress Automate

Automate and manage your customer communications from creation to distribution to ensure consistent messages are delivered at the right time, to the right recipient through the preferred delivery channel.

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Postal Optimization Solutions

BCC Bulk Mailer® SMB

The industry-leading pre-sort software that is powerful but easy to use, affordable, and makes mass mailing simple. Designed to meet the specific needs of small to medium-sized businesses, Bulk Mailer SMB is a complete solution focused on simplicity and ease of use.

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BCC Mail Manager Full Service™

Maximize your revenue with software that can handle high volume workloads with BCC data quality & postal solutions. Included in BCC Mail Manager Full Service as standard mailing features is a comprehensive array of mailing innovations—from deluxe automation capabilities that enable true 24/7 unattended processing of specified tasks.
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Quadient AIMS - Automated Insertion Management System

AIMS harnesses the integrated features built into Quadient’s Folder Inserters to deliver complete content accuracy. AIMS delivers real-time information and statistics to manage your mail assembly operations, providing you with the assurance that every piece of mail has been assembled accurately.

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