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Operating System

  • Windows 2012 R2 Server or Windows 2016 Server
  • We DO NOT recommend Windows 2019 Server


  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 SP2, 2016 or 2017 Standard Edition.
  • The installation requires access to SQL Server Management Studio so
    that Avanti can create and support the databases.
  • For optimal performance, avoid sharing SQL Server with other


  • 8 core or higher Intel Processor.
  • 3 GHz minimum


Less than 50 concurrent users:

  • Minimum: 32 GB
  • Recommended: 64 GB

More than 50 concurrent users:

  • Minimum: 64 GB
  • Recommended: 128+ GB

Hard disk-Application & DB Storage

Less than 50 concurrent users:

  • Minimum Storage Type: SSD
  • Minimum Storage Space: 500G

More than 50 concurrent users:

  • Minimum Storage Type: NVMe
  • Minimum Storage Space: 1TB

Other recommendations:

  • Avoid network storage, local storage preferable.
  • OS and applications: RAID 1
  • Data Files: RAID 10 (recommended) or RAID 5 (minimum)
  • Database disk should be formatted with 64k blocks
  • Fixed disk size if virtualized
  • Minimum storage amounts should be increased if backups done on
  • Storage write IOPs > 30,000
  • Storage read IOPs > 10,000
  • Total disk IOPs > 40,000
  • Write latency < 1ms
  • Read latency < 1ms

Additional Access, Software and Configuration Requirements

  • Latest version of Java 64 bit must be installed on the server.
  • Windows user with:
    • Remote access to all Avanti Slingshot application/database servers.
    • Admin access on all Avanti Slingshot application/database servers.
    • Ability to configure Windows Firewall WinRM Policies Enabled (configured automatically by Installer).
    • Ability to create, stop, and start Windows services on all
    • Avanti Slingshot application/database servers.
  • Powershell 3.0 or higher installed on each Avanti Slingshot application server.
  • .NET Framework 3.5 or higher.
  • The application server uses port 8080 by default. This port must be open on the firewall. Alternative ports such as 8081, 8083… etc. can be used if 8080 is used by another process.
  • Firefox or Google Chrome installed on the server.
  • Avanti Slingshot performs best when the server hardware and SQL Server are dedicated/not shared with other applications.
  • Microsoft SQL Server backup agent.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) rated for complete shut down.
  • Internet connection (used to install and upgrade Avanti Slingshot).

Virtualized Installs

Slingshot performs best when installed on baremetal  server hardware. If baremetal is not available, our recommendation is to ensure that Slingshot and SQL Server be installed in the same Virtual Machine.

Avanti’s internal testing results indicate that Slingshot install in virtual environments have performance reduced 5% to 20% depending on virtual environment infrastructure.

Storage Type Performance difference vs Baremetal
NVMe Approximately 5%
SSD Approximately 20%

Server requirements listed in section above also apply to Virtual Hosts.

Workstation Requirements

  • As Avanti Slingshot is browser based, any client with access to high-speed Internet will be able to
    run the software. All major browsers are supported. It is best to use the most recent version of
    the browser.
  • A reliable and fast Internet connection on the workstations will ensure users can use Slingshot
    smoothly and consistently. The recommended Internet speeds are as follows:

    • 20 Mbps or higher.
    • A hardwired Internet connection (rather than wireless) will help provide consistency.

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