Data is king in business, but it requires availability and management to turn that data into usable information. Organizing and sharing that data across an organization allows for more collaboration, efficiencies, and profitability. It also improves the overall customer experience because all communication shares the same customer information. Many of the companies that centralize their data and make it available to the multitude of business processes turn to the leader in the market, SAP.

SAP provides a platform for companies of all sizes to use data to run their business as profitably as possible. While SAP provides excellent tools for ERP, CRM, and other business requirements, they are not a print output management solution. With the many different types of data flowing in and out of an SAP system, Information Technology (IT) departments often find it challenging to optimize the SAP output for efficient printing and delivery to recipients.

If your organization runs SAP, your priority this year should be to investigate your current output management processes. If you see bottlenecks, this is the time to eliminate the challenges with a solution built for print. It will open resources and reduce both time-to-delivery and allocated expenses. The business benefits are not only important, they are imperative. At Ricoh, we believe in imagining change, which is why our team of experts has not only created a solution for SAP environments—we achieved SAP certification.

We invite you to learn more about how integrating SAP with a powerful print output management solution can change your business in 5 positive ways. We even have a link to our webinar where you can learn about SAP print output management solutions and benefits in a more interactive environment at the end of this blog. But before we get there, let’s look at these five benefits to simplify your SAP print output management.

  1. Management of diverse SAP® output
    Support mixed printers, multiple data streams (such as ABAP and OTF with the SAP feature) and operating systems.
  2. Automated callback function
    Enable full two-way communication that provides notification of job completion and streamlines troubleshooting to save time and money.
  3. Reliable mission-critical printing
    Ensures successful on-time job completion, including automated reprinting on IPDS™ devices and load balancing via printer pooling.
  4. Reduction of time SAP administrators spend managing print
    Empower your help desk and operators to view and manage jobs via the InfoPrint Manager interface.
  5. Easy implementation without current workflow interruption
    Optimize interoperability with SAP applications, which helps to reduce overall IT costs.

These five benefits simplify print output management from SAP for IT departments and their staff. Leveraging this powerful solution that is SAP-certified, the business benefits from significant time savings while reducing IT investment costs and risks. We invite you to watch the webinar discussion with Peter Farwell, Ricoh Global Product Manager and Scott Mastie, Ricoh Solution Executive on how the combination of SAP and RICOH InfoPrint Manager™ provides smooth bi-directional support to some of our customers around the world.


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