Everybody can compete with a level playing field.

All print operations are under pressure to be efficient. They are also under pressure to control costs, which means the search for optimizing solutions is often tempered by budget concerns. Subscription models address both.

Subscription pricing plans are not new, but the popularity has grown as management seeks to safeguard their use of working capital, especially in these uncertain times. While perpetual licenses have been the standard for business-class automation solutions, that is changing. The proper use of working capital is essential to a company’s fundamental financial health and operational success.

Subscription models bring world-class software to organizations of all sizes, lowering the financial barrier and adding the flexibility to access new solutions, expanding your services and ability to compete.

The Ricoh multi-year subscription model reduces the cost of entry into robust print management solutions. Shops of all sizes can now bring workflow automation to their print production with RICOH ProcessDirector™, without a big investment.

While the subscription model provides easy access to otherwise unattainable solutions, that alone would not be enough for most printers to consider a change or want the implementation of a new, potentially disruptive system. The opportunity to adopt an automated system that adds efficiency, provides visibility, and increases options to integrate into business processes can all of a sudden change the conversation. With RICOH ProcessDirector acquired on a subscription plan, all printers – large and small – can have access to the same powerful capabilities at a manageable investment level.

If you’re struggling with job tracking, missing print from long and short-run jobs, or meeting customer requests for variability in content or substrates based on data triggers, RICOH ProcessDirector provides the infrastructure. In addition to automating the workflow, managers can monitor and control work-in-progress to maximize production throughput, all in real-time. What’s more, it’s easy to implement!

Print workflows are built to accommodate everything from simple flat work to complex jobs that may have substrate and finishing variations. Tracking each piece requires a robust set of workflow tools, which is what you get with RICOH ProcessDirector. The drag-and-drop workflow builder allows for the fast development of required workflow paths, ensuring that manual workflow tracking will be a thing of the past. With its modular and scalable approach, you can add features as needed, and with end-to-end visibility and business integration, RICOH ProcessDirector will change how you look at print management forever.

Save money, expand your capabilities and start competing in ways previously beyond your reach with a subscription that removes the financial obstacles blocking your entry. Who wouldn’t want that, especially in this challenging business climate?

Still not convinced?

Please reach out! I’m available to discuss it with you at any time!

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