Challenging times call for new methods, new vision and a renewed goal to control the costs of the environment we manage. Ricoh is uniquely positioned to help our print and digital output customers, and those looking for a new solution, too! With our RICOH ProcessDirector™ workflow solution for print and multichannel production environments, our team of experts can help you make move to control costs, improve efficiency and do more for the markets you serve. You may even be able to attract new business from current markets and expand into new markets.

Let’s discuss how you can imagine change with Ricoh. First, look at your print production environment and the workflows you have in place. When we talk about workflow, we don’t just mean the software and network processes you have in place for job onboarding, creation, production and delivery; we mean all processes in place including those performed manually by people. Your employees are an important part of your workflow, but they are also one of the costliest parts of any business. You want them to be doing the most important tasks for your organization, not adding costs to processes that could otherwise be handled by software and automation.

This is where we bring RICOH ProcessDirector to print production environments. As you take a look at the way you take in work, produce it and deliver it, consider if these benefits would be useful to you and, most importantly, help you control the costs in your production environment.

  • View and control jobs and output devices using a centralized web-based system with an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI).
  • “Touch-and-Toss” environment, where users can discard damaged pieces without concern because the software identifies which pieces are missing, resubmits them for printing, and reconciles every job.
  • Work with fully-composed PDF files, using rules-based processing, such as inserting different images for each customer or choosing premium paper for selected pages on high-value clients’ statements.
  • Automatically process PDF jobs with a mixture of simplex and duplex sheets without incurring click charges for blank sides.

These are some of the key components to consider when adding print workflow software into your environment. Imagine being able to reassign valuable employees to work that drives more business and gets problems solved faster while the print production environment sees a reduction in human-related errors. As they say, we are all human, so let the software take some of the variability out of the equations—especially when any savings helps the health of your organization.

RICOH ProcessDirector makes this possible for our print production customers by allowing them to leverage easy-to-use drag and drop interfaces and visual workflow builders. The result is that  our employees can do more faster and new employees can be trained faster with less code-based training. Other cost controls include the ability to quickly specify all the finishing, media and duplex instructions, plus the ability to track and report on your jobs from beginning to end. With automated reprints, the guess work is taken out of damaged and partially printed jobs and pieces. You and your team will have the visibility to report on where they are in the process when management or customer service inquires.

As you look to keep your business moving forward, Ricoh is there to help you imagine change and then implement it for your continued success. We invite you to visit our website for more details, register for a free software trial and speak with our experts to learn how you can control costs, drive new business and stay competitive.

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Andrew Young

Meet the Author

Andrew Young

As the Global Business Development Manager for Ricoh Graphic Communications Andy specializes providing product and business development leadership for both customers and Ricoh teams around the world. An entrepreneur at heart, Andy grew up with strong roots in the industry being raised in the family printing business. Later starting his own electronic publishing services company specializing in early applications of Adobe Acrobat and PDF technology, his business was acquired by IKON Office Solutions, now Ricoh USA. With a print career spanning 25+ years, Andy continues to drive high-value customer-centric workflow solutions for the Ricoh Global Production WorkFlow Software and Solutions division.


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