All businesses today face an ever-increasing need to diversify their offerings, broaden their opportunities, their campaign management efficiency, and boost revenue. While tackling those challenges, they continue to struggle with chaotic and inconsistent inputs that shape their message and brand: color, format, versioning, and content. A lack of file consistency degrades the quality of the assets and outputs, increasing time spent preparing each asset for consistent usage in the sales pipeline.

Customizing relevant content, ensuring geographic and versioning consistency and empowering sales and marketing teams to distribute assets directly by from anywhere in the world offers a personalized, solid brand experience and accelerates the sales pipeline.

Here is one example: Ricoh Red is just that anywhere you go. It isn’t Ricoh ‘Redish’ or Ricoh Red with an orange tint. The power of any brand requires a consistency of the assets – creative and content – regardless of location. A consistent representation is important both online and offline.

It’s a problem that needs a solution and many are turning to MarcomCentral, a Ricoh company, which is a cloud-based marketing solution addressing these common business issues.  

In this post, learn how printers—and organizations of all types—can leverage MarcomCentral for better campaign and asset management.

The Challenging Transition from Print to Marketing Service Provider

With razor-thin margins for printing alone, many print service providers are working to transform themselves into marketing service providers. This transition opens up new service areas and, more importantly, new revenue streams. While this transformation makes sense on paper, the real-world execution is more difficult than many expect.

Marketing service providers must be able to deal with a far wider range of client information, many of which go beyond traditional print marketing. Take social media campaigns as an example: generating a quality campaign requires additional digital assets that may not have any print corollary. Existing assets may need resizing and repurposing, and all this image content needs to be paired with the right brand messaging and written content.

Businesses making this transition must transform their business model, too: printers accept jobs, while marketers propose them. And all the data from these marketing initiatives must be tracked, analyzed, and reported on.

To sum up, this transition is far from simple. Printers considering the change (or who’ve recently made it) need support if they want to do it right.

MarcomCentral: The Marketing Campaign Management Solution for Print Service Providers

MarcomCentral provides everything a commercial printer needs to diversify into the marketing service provider space—and it gives firms that keep their printing in-house a better, unified system for managing assets and organizing campaigns.

Think of MarcomCentral as the platform that assists your expansion into new service offerings so you can leverage your expertise in a world of ever-increasing print and marketing collaboration. As you take on new responsibilities and your business spins up new functions, MarcomCentral is there as your cloud-based marketing partner.

When you adopt MarcomCentral, you’ll gain access to these benefits and features:

  • Better asset management: keep rich media files, completed assets, and more in one central, searchable location
  • Advanced asset editor: resize ads, create dynamic templates, and more without firing up a 3rd-party application
  • Multi-format output: give your team distribution options across print and digital, email and social
  • Multi-language support: maintain brand and copy consistency for your global team and partners

We’ve just scratched the surface of what MarcomCentral can do. To see more, watch our explainer video.

Get Better Tools for Commercial and In-Plant Printing with Ricoh

Commercial and in-house printers’ needs in campaign and asset management may be growing more complex, but they don’t need to consume or overwhelm your team. Through the use of better tools from Ricoh like MarcomCentral, your business can organize, streamline, and make your print inputs consistent—all from one centralized platform.

Businesses like yours also use MarcomCentral for CRM, centralized campaign management, digital asset management business intelligence, and more.

Ricoh understands the commercial printer ecosystem because we’re embedded in every segment of it. See how Ricoh responds to the challenges facing printers at every stage of the ecosystem, starting with inputs and moving through outputs.

Get the Ecosystem eBook series now: available both for in-plant and print service providers.

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