The competitive nature of printing hasn’t changed as we entered 2021. Quality, performance and a competitive edge remain critical to success for printers. In high-speed, high-volume production environments, your workflow can make the difference between delivering on customer expectations or being left with customer satisfaction issues, additional costs, and perhaps lost business. The challenges for many cut sheet or sheetfed production print floors tend to circle three areas—areas we believe you can upgrade for measurable success.

1. Order Intake / Job Onboarding

Take a step back and consider how orders are coming into your print business. Are you constrained by manual processes? Do you contend with missing orders or invoices? How work comes into your production center is the first element of efficient and profitable production that results in on-time delivery of printed materials. With our experience in the print industry, RICOH experts have imagined, updated, and delivered software that can be implemented to eliminate the bottlenecks and overcome other challenges that disrupt order intake. Imagine an automated job onboarding process optimized so your staff can focus on more important, higher-value tasks.

2. File Make-Ready

How files are prepared is start to effective and efficient operations in a print environment. If you must complete a checklist of repetitive and manual tasks to make files ready for production, RICOH wants to help you imagine change. With a software upgrade, your make-ready processes can be faster, improving the cost basis, accuracy, and printing equipment utilization. Imagine the ability to gather multiple file formats, make last-minute edits, and add special instructions, all through an easy-to-use, intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI). Your upgrade doesn’t stop there—now it’s simple to create imposition profiles for your standard orders and automatically set finishing requirements. The result is faster make-ready, faster production, and the possibility for more business.

3. Print Production Efficiencies

Once your print files are ready for production, don’t lose the efficiencies you just gained from upgrading your order intake and file make-ready. Carry those efficiencies through the print production processes with an upgrade to your workflow. Give your print operators and production managers access to a “Touch-and-Toss” environment where users can discard damaged pieces without concern because the software identifies which pieces are missing, resubmits them for printing, and reconciles every job. Make it possible for your staff to view and control jobs, and output devices, using a centralized web-based system with an intuitive GUI. And don’t stop there—set up automatic processing of PDF jobs with a mix of simplex and duplex sheets without incurring click charges for blank sides. These are print production upgrades that carry efficiencies through to the final customer delivery, enable higher profit margins, and create higher customer satisfaction.

Want to take the next step?

Join our Ricoh experts Andy Young, Global Product Manager and Debbie Pavletich, Director Business Consulting Practice Commercial & Industrial Printing Business Group on February 25, 2021 at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET for a 45-minute discussion and evaluation through a real-world use case which will highlight the three applications we have discussed. Register today as spots are limited!

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