In-Plant printing productions often struggles with relevance and proving their worth. This sentiment can be amplified during challenging times when there is a decline in print volumes and a lack of staff availability.  To make matters worse, when disjointed systems exist, a printer cannot streamline their job ordering through an e-commerce solution or track jobs through completion.

When the in-plant team at Intermountain Healthcare Design and Print Center (DPC) dug in to uncover what they needed to do and define what success looked like, they did it with company buy-in, developing a strategic plan, defining the right capabilities, and enlisting a trusted partner, Ricoh. They also knew they had to align to the company culture and goals of safety, quality, equity, stewardship, engaged caregivers and growth to provide a return on investment during printing production.

Intermountain’s Tami Reese and Ricoh’s Joe Ferrara will dive into the steps that were made over to help Intermountain’s DPC achieve an operational savings of $12 million over 4 years. Join us to learn how they did it by:

  • Understanding the steps required towards defining success
  • Selecting the technologies and capabilities required to achieve Intermountain’s goals
  • Leveraging a partnership for staff augmentation, training, and education of best practices to maximize resources and reduce overhead
  • Discovering how Intermountain is uncovering new external revenue streams beyond being ‘just an in-plant!’

This webinar is not to miss for any printer!  Learn steps on how to increase productivity, while maximizing cost savings and providing the best possible service!

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Meet the Presenters

Joe Ferrara
Joe Ferrara

Joe joined Ricoh in 2014 with over 14 years of experience in Production Printing at Excellus BlueCross BlueShield in Rochester, NY. At Excellus, Joe implemented complex solutions, focusing on cut sheet and continuous form production with integrated finishing solutions. Joe started his career at Ricoh as a Solutions Development Manager focused on the architecture of Web2Print and MIS solutions for customers primarily on the East Coast. In addition, he spent a majority of his time performing assessments of customers workflow and site operations to make recommendations on how to improve and grow their In-Plant production. In 2016, Joe was asked to lead the newly formed Workflow Automation Team. Joe has grown the team to 15 members with a focus on supporting customers with the suite of software solutions and services from RSA, EFI, Avanti, and Disaster Recovery. The Workflow Automation Team leads with its emphasis on helping customers streamline and implement workflow operations, dedicating their efforts on delivering projects on time and on budget.

Tami Reese
Tami Reese

Tami Reese has been with Intermountain Healthcare for over 31 years managing graphic design and print. In 2012, she created a business case for the Design & Print Center to be constructed within Intermountain’s Supply Chain Center. At that time, the Design & Print Center took over the existing contract with Ricoh’s Managed Services and Tami worked to centralize all of Intermountain’s design and printing needs. To date, Tami has grown her hybrid team of Intermountain employees and Ricoh Managed Services to 23 individuals. In 2017, Tami undertook a transformation of the Design & Print Center’s automation by launching WebCRD, branded as PrintIt!, allowing Intermountain Healthcare employees to submit work requests faster, improve tracking, and provide an internal audit/reporting process. The transition to PrintIt! has allowed end users to have a more robust experience when requesting services from the Design & Print Center, and Tami continues to drive both adoption and capabilities to her team. Since its launch in 2017, Tami has brought in more than 10,000 users to PrintIt! throughout Intermountain and continues to drive services and adoption as the organization grows.

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