Data Collection Meets Visualization: Take Your Analytics Further with RICOH ProcessDirector™ and RICOH Supervisor™

Every part of your print operation generates valuable data that can benefit your business. Does your team have visibility to any of this real-time job data?  Can you take that information further with data collection and analysis to make more informed business investments and improve the productivity and efficiency of your operation?  

Visualizing the data collection you get from automated workflow management and analytics software is a powerful way to understand your operations and drive growth. Join us on October 19th, as we introduce the integration between RICOH ProcessDirector™ and RICOH Supervisor™, designed to help businesses visualize comprehensive data from printers, inserters, finishing equipment, jobs and documents, and turn that data into actionable insights. 

Join us to learn:

  • How to unlock the benefits of operational data to drive growth
  • How to distill your data collection into dashboards and reports for improved visibility 
  • Ways to apply insights from your data across your business 
  • Commercial and transactional printer successes leveraging data analysis and visualization