Understanding where your company has sales tax responsibility is dictated by nexus rules that have undergone significant changes with recent court rulings. As a result of these rulings, many states have adopted “economic nexus” policies, increasing the responsibility of remote sellers in sales and use tax compliance doing business with companies within these areas.

For companies in the printing space, who often have exempt sales and drop shipments, understanding compliance can be even more challenging.

In this interactive Ricoh webinar you’ll join Matt Prusa, Director of Sales Operations, Avanti Systems and Christopher Rossini, Director of Sales, Avalara discussing:

  • The economic nexus ruling and what it means for your print business
  • Why automation has become a must-have for print businesses of all sizes to help them manage their sales & use tax calculation, returns, and certificate management
  • How Avalara AvaTax automatically calculates sales and use tax for transactions, invoices and other business activity powered by Avanti Slingshot, simplifying sales tax compliance

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