Long gone are the days where customer communications meant a simple document stuffed into an envelope, sending a bulk email or creating a generic web page. These are the days of customer communication management or CCM.

A successful CCM strategy means ensuring that every exchange you have with every customer is personal and relevant, while capturing their preferences. Examples show that the ability to enable this kind of customer experience yields more dollars to a company’s bottom line than one that doesn’t.

Of course, every business wants to do this, but how to get from where they are now to where they need to be can seem like an insurmountable task. Surviving and thriving in today’s world, where customers expect what they want to show up when and where they want it , can be a heavy lift without the right partners and support.

Jeff Hoopes, Ricoh Solutions Executive, Software and Services and Scott Pelletier Solutions Executive, CCM Software & Strategic Solutions discuss how businesses, with real world customer examples, can:

  • Identify the customer communication management business challenges many are trying to solve through real world use cases
  • Provide customer-centric tailored solutions: multi-channel notifications, automated responsive content and data analytics to improve satisfaction and retention
  • Automate key processes and data across your organization through end-to-end processes

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