The uncertainty of the last year has challenged printers everywhere to look at their businesses through a different lens. Print industry business models need to change to meet evolving customer requirements. Operations must adapt accordingly. Trends we thought might still be years away are now front and center.  

 Now is the time to capture emerging print opportunities and stand out in new ways. Join our panel of experts from hardware, software and business consulting for a discussion on how you can lean into emerging print trends and set yourself up for long-term success in the new economy. Our panel will cover topics including:  

  • Accelerated trends that are positively impacting the print industry  
  • Workflow tools to take advantage of new opportunities  
  • Ideas for long-term investments that drive continued growth 

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Meet the Presenters

Andrew Young
Andrew Young

As the Global Business Development Manager for Ricoh Graphic Communications Andy specializes providing product and business development leadership for both customers and Ricoh teams around the world. An entrepreneur at heart, Andy grew up with strong roots in the industry being raised in the family printing business. Later starting his own electronic publishing services company specializing in early applications of Adobe Acrobat and PDF technology, his business was acquired by IKON Office Solutions, now Ricoh USA. With a print career spanning 25+ years, Andy continues to drive high-value customer-centric workflow solutions for the Ricoh Global Production WorkFlow Software and Solutions division.

Debbie Pavletich
Debbie Pavletich

As a 30-year industry veteran and in-plant print expert, Debbie partners with clients to identify opportunities within their organizations to implement technologies that help minimize cost, streamline processes, increase throughput, improve operational efficiency, and strengthen and communicate business value. Her customer-centered approach and experience leading print industry teams enables her to collaboratively develop solutions that are in alignment with organizational objectives.

Roger Serrette
Roger Serrette

Based in Boulder, CO, Roger is a development engineer turned customer experience director focused on building partnerships, long-term client relationships, technical contributions and thought leadership in the communication-delivery ecosystem. His team leader specialization is in interdisciplinary engineering, centering on reliability and quality/customer communication from concept to delivery, to help Ricoh’s clients and partners in the industry deliver results more efficiently and effectively.

Mike Herold
Mike Herold

Mike is a product management expert turned global marketing director with over 20 years of experience in digital and inkjet printing. Using his valuable expertise in bringing technology products to the global marketplace, he drives the design, implementation and execution of strategic global marketing initiatives for Ricoh’s leadership production inkjet technologies and solutions.


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