How to Ensure Your Published Web Content is Accessible

In today’s document-rich information age, coupled with our current remote working and social distancing reality, the need for businesses to accurately, quickly, and securely communicate with customers through web content has never been greater.  

Every person has a right to web content accessibility regardless of auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech, and visual challenges. As documents continue to the published to the web, it is imperative that organizations ensure ‘Universal Accessibility’ of those documents, legacy or otherwise.   

Andy Young, Steve Cousins, Ricoh Global Product Managers and Ron Smith, Ricoh ATS WESS Support discuss this important topic and provide examples of how customer technologies are used to securely retrieve accessible content and how to: 

  • Meet  accessibility requirements   
  • Transform  legacy print-centric data streams into web-ready documents   
  • Best practices on how to prepare documents you are creating today for accessibility