Meeting and Exceeding Customer Needs with Avanti’s Advanced Fulfillment Automation Module

Integrating fulfillment automation into your operation opens up a great opportunity for additional revenue. However, from juggling the sheer volume of orders, to tracking goods from receiving through delivery, and carrying the risk of unshipped inventory, it can be a big lift to take on fulfillment without an optimized workflow.

You need the ability to manage the process of customer orders and shipments efficiently. On December 16, we’ll be going live to show you the benefits of fulfillment automation and the tools you can implement to make the process as seamless and as streamlined as possible.

Join us to learn:

  • The benefits of integrating fulfillment into your operation.
  • Why you should implement fulfillment automation into your workflow.
  • How Avanti Slingshot®’s fulfillment modules help you manage your orders, shipments and inventory.