NAPCO and Ricoh – Data and Cloud Security for Production Print is a Joint Responsibility.

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Every day, businesses face the risk of data breaches, making data security a top priority. Storing data in the Cloud, with its robust security measures, is a reliable solution that can help prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

The digitization and automation of information has blown wide open the question on how to handle data and the importance of protecting personal data information in all types of communications.

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Data ownership, security, compliance, confidentiality, and usage in communications, however, are a shared responsibility in your production process.

Register now and join us on May 4th with NAPCO and our expert panel on how are the types of data collected from customers and the data is used to help deliver programs, products, information, and services. Join a lively discussion with real-world examples highlighting how you can trust your production environment in the Cloud and reduce capital expenses including:

  • Adopting best-in-class security and compliance processes in handling data.
  • Creating a built-in backup and disaster recovery capability of the cloud platform.
  • Addressing upfront costs associated with platform maintenance aligned to your future cloud strategy.

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