NAPCO and Ricoh – OUTPUT. Closing the Workflow Loop…Profitably.

Review, Analyze, Update, and Repeat…

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We all know post-production isn’t as simple as calling the courier and watching it drive away. Do you have a process to ensure smooth job fulfillment, delivery, and tracking before pushing it through accounting so you can get paid? Did your job align with your estimates? Did you meet your customer’s print quality and delivery specifications?

Join us to review the final touchpoint in The Print Workflow Ecosystem: Output!  Hosted by an expert panel featuring Pat McGrew, Managing Director of the McGrew Group; Ryan McAbee, Chief Analyst at Pixel Dot Consulting; and Linnea Wolken, Director, Global Marketing, Alliances & Operations, Ricoh Graphic Communications Group, this webinar covers:

  • The 5-step checklist that ensures profitability through overall operational effectiveness (OOE), benchmark utilization, and continuity in your print processes
  • Learning from real-world customer use cases
  • How to take corrective actions to resolve delays, bottlenecks, scheduling, and capacity errors

Join us for the 6th installment of this popular webinar series to stay competitive and set yourself up for success in 2023.

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