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It should be no surprise that with the sheer number of communications being created, sent, seen and processed in a day – both digital and physical – communication overload is becoming a very real and increasingly common issue.

Whether in a retail store, supermarket, bank, restaurant, or a print center, communication takes place in an endless number of ways – emails, signage, price tags, shelf labels, manuals, and menus – to name just a few. Add in differences in culture and languages, and the ways messages need to be conveyed are potentially endless.

As curators of communication, your client’s success – and yours – must provide impact, consistency, accuracy, timeliness, and quality.

So, how do you stand out and monetize the communications being consumed?

Key takeaways you’ll learn:

  • How to gain efficiencies using intelligent templating and automated workflows
  • The ease in which you can produce highly targeted, relevant and personalized communications to increase response and conversion rates, and drive loyalty
  • How to optimize document and asset compilation and printing, and digitally convert and archive documents for easy access

Communication is not always ‘personal’ but must always be intelligent to have impact.

The Ricoh Team

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Meet the Presenters

Linnea Wolken
Linnea Wolken

Linnea brings over 20 years of global business strategy, brand development and product management experience to Ricoh, where she is responsible for growing the worldwide awareness and demand of the production workflow software and solutions portfolio. In her role of Director, Global Marketing, Alliances & Operations, Linnea also manages global strategic partnerships and marketing operations for Ricoh which provides her a comprehensive view of the business, customers and markets. Prior to joining Ricoh, Linnea held key leadership positions at Hunter Douglas, US West/Qwest, and PepsiCo. Linnea earned undergraduate degrees in Business Administration and International Affairs, and holds a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business from Hofstra University. A New York native residing in Colorado, Linnea balances her time with her active family, dogs, enjoying the local ski slopes, and volunteering her ample skills as an accredited global marketing leader and speaker to various non-profit organizations and small businesses.

Douglas Cogan
Douglas Cogan

Douglas has led the FusionPro team since the product’s inception over 20 years ago. Adept at document creation technologies, he has worked extensively with the Adobe PDF Library since the 1990s where he ported the PDF Library to other platforms. Douglas is graduate of the University of Chicago and is the sole or primary inventor on over a dozen patents related to the printing industry.

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