It’s no secret automation increases operational efficiency and reduces your manual workload. When it comes to automating more of your workflow so you can increase throughput, do you know where to start? 

In our upcoming webinar, Ten Time-Consuming Tasks You Should Automate Now, we’ll be sharing some of the most common manual touch points you can replace with automation solutions like Avanti Slingshot that integrate fully into your workflow and close any operational inefficiencies you may be experiencing. 

  • Ten important business process tasks you can automate to significantly improve your bottom line.
  • How automating these activities can increase operational efficiency and free up time for higher value tasks. 
  • A demonstration of how Avanti Slingshot can help bridge some of the most common workflow gaps. 

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Meet the Presenters

Matt Prusa
Matt Prusa

A 30-year sales veteran with broad leadership expertise, Matt has been applying his business acumen to both sales agency and production print environments, expanding their capabilities through automation and meeting aggressive sales targets. Currently the Director of Sales, Software & Strategic Solutions for RICOH Graphic Communications, Matt has been guiding the strategic direction and planning for the Avanti Sales and Solutions Architect teams, driving to overachieve the company’s print MIS sales goals since 2013 across North America and the UK. Mr. Prusa is a graduate of the University of Missouri, Kansas City with a Master in Business Administration in addition to holding Public Accounting and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certifications.

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