The Business Intelligence Impact on Better Decision Making

There are examples all around us of profoundly bad judgements and the effect they can have on businesses.

When key decisions are viewed as the prerogative of a specific individual, or group, without adhering to data insights and processes, the fallout can bleed into the rest of the organization leading to unnecessary time and cost disruptions as well as negatively impacting the satisfaction of your customers.

Hope is not a strategy, you need data! Your print business processes need to be integrated with logic, metrics and accountability – with the ongoing ability to course correct as variables change.

Lisa Oakleaf, Ricoh Senior Global Product Manager and Matt Prusa, Avanti Systems Director of Sales discuss and evaluate customer use cases focused on how to:

  • Simplify BI into digestible, relevant data
  • Easily apply insights to your decision-making processes
  • Take it to the next level thorough integrated smart tools for forecasting, notifications and  dashboards