From his early endeavors in the smart home domain at Amazon to the defining milestones of his MBA journey, Vishnu Sheth’s career trajectory has been shaped by intentional decisions driven by his passions, values, and the work culture he aspired to be a part of.

Now serving as a Product Manager in Ricoh’s Digital Services Business (DSB), Vishnu looks back on the pivotal decisions, hurdles, and guiding mentors that led him to this position, highlighting the unique attributes that made Ricoh stand out from the crowd.

Career Aspirations in Product Management

While working at Amazon, Vishnu says he was deeply inspired by the product managers he collaborated with. “Watching them work, seeing their passion and dedication, it was an inspiring thing,” he recalls.

Despite his business undergrad background, Vishnu’s contributions were recognized by his colleagues, and he was encouraged to consider product management as a career. This led him to pursue an MBA, where he was presented with multiple internship offers.

Among them, Ricoh stood out.

Choosing Ricoh: More Than Just a Role

The decision to join Ricoh wasn’t solely based on the role offered. For Vishnu, the company’s culture, values, and work environment played a pivotal role. “Ricoh was offering exactly what I wanted,” he says.

The hybrid work model fits perfectly with Vishnu’s fondness for in-person collaboration, and he felt a strong sense of camaraderie with the team, who came from a variety of diverse backgrounds.

Vishnu was also impressed with how fast Ricoh was able to offer him the internship, recalling how confident they were in their decision to bring him on.

He also emphasized the growth opportunities at Ricoh as a key factor in his decision. “There are so many things you can do, and you’re constantly encouraged to explore,” he shares. This freedom to think outside the box, as well as the company’s customer-centric approach to product design, has been instrumental in shaping his career.

A Culture of Support and Collaboration

One of the standout features of Ricoh, according to Vishnu, is its people. “They’re some of the kindest people I’ve ever worked with,” he says.

As a product manager, Vishnu says he values Ricoh’s collaborative environment, where everyone’s contributions are recognized and respected. This culture of support, inclusivity, and collaboration is evident in his interactions across his team.

In addition to rewarding project collaboration, Vishnu says he also enjoys bonding with his colleagues over a game of table tennis at the office or during any of the taco lunches catered each Friday.

Looking Ahead: The Future at Ricoh

Vishnu’s journey at Ricoh has been marked by continuous learning and growth. From facilitating a customer advisory council to working on cutting-edge projects, he’s had numerous opportunities to hone his skills and think strategically. “Ricoh’s belief in nurturing talent has accelerated my career here,” he notes.

When asked about how Ricoh stands out from other companies, Vishnu points to its customer-focused approach. “We start with the customer and work backward,” he explains. This customer-centricity, combined with the company’s move into cloud-based environments and SaaS offerings, sets Ricoh apart.

A Word to Aspiring Interns

Vishnu still attends conventions for soon-to-be graduates from his MBA program, giving advice at job fairs and pointing others in the right direction. For those seeking out internships, Vishnu stresses the importance of identifying a role that aligns with your goals and passions: “Be clear in what you want to do.”

He’s already referred several of his juniors to Ricoh, as he believes in the value of the experience he’s had here. “It’s been one of the most rewarding decisions of my career to pick Ricoh’s internship offer,” he concludes.

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Vishnu Sheth

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Vishnu Sheth

Vishnu, a recent MBA grad from Leeds School of Business at CU Boulder, wields 6+ years of prowess across product management, e-commerce, quality assurance, and brand management. His professional journey started with a transformative stint at Red Bull as a Student Brand Manager, uniquely shaping his perspective. The pivotal summer internship at Ricoh showcased him driving a microservices shift to cloud-based SaaS. Proficient in JIRA and Aha!, Vishnu orchestrated a notable 74% revenue surge through pioneering e-commerce. Earning Amazon's "Star Performer" and "Extra Mile" awards, he averted PR crises and resolved business-critical bugs pre-launch of Alexa devices. With innovative vigor, Vishnu merges experience and fresh perspectives, paving a dynamic way forward.

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