RICOH TotalFlow Producer

RICOH TotalFlow Producer is a cloud-based workflow technology offering simple, easy-to-use tools for end-to-end production workflow which does not require expensive IT expertise. Regardless of vendor, this SaaS solution can automate the submission and consolidation of jobs from multiple sources and feed them to any hot folder or printer. Further, it allows for preflight automation of jobs, and has PDF editing capability.

  • Seamless production integration regardless of vendor
  • Jumpstart job onboarding and output automation capabilities
  • Automate job submission from multiple sources
  • Easy to set up and cost-effective customer-facing portals

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Streamline your job onboarding, file preparation and processing without the need for operator intervention.

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Key Customer Advantages

Automated ‘Touchless’ Performance

Printers receive print files from numerous sources such as email, web-to-print, SFTP* and require the streamlining of print job onboarding, file preparation and processing.

  • Automatically scans for malware and if detected quarantines the file thereby improving security
  • Rapidly preflight print jobs automatically enabling faster turnaround times
  • Rules-based automations reduces manual tasks and improves productivity
  • Lightweight PDF editing tools for swift file changes in the Cloud

*available Q3/4 2023

Easy-To-Use Tools

RICOH TotalFlow Producer offers intuitive tools as part of the print-on-demand workflow and automates production tasks, including receiving and sending print jobs to a select printer, while allowing the operator to change job status for full visibility and more.

  • Allows for the rapid creation of portals for a printer’s clients to upload, approve and view print job status
  • Ability to create a custom email address specific to the printer’s client for enhanced security
  • Simplified PDF editing tools eliminate the need for additional software while Annotations foster bi-directional communication

Cost-Effective Application

SaaS subscription models make this latest innovation attainable for budget smart businesses. Further, with the automation of production tasks before the jobs get to the print shop floor highly-skilled labor is not required to process the print jobs.

  • Reduces post-job submission follow-up time by using client portals
  • SaaS subscription pricing model lowers upfront costs and assures access to the latest software updates
  • Decreases the need for extensive IT resources and complex infrastructure

Seamless Integration

With the vendor-agnostic design of RICOH TotalFlow Producer, businesses can easily integrate their software and hardware solutions via hot folders.

  • One centralized dashboard shows all print jobs received regardless of the source it may be coming from, such as email, SFTP*, web-to-print, etc.
  • Real-time status is shown for all print jobs and tracks production processes within a print shop
  • The technology consolidates information and files from other web-to-print and MIS solutions to the cloud-based dashboard

Key Capabilities

Optimize your print operations with ease

Workflow agility, reliable results

As a leader in technological advancements, Ricoh is committed to our customer’s success. We’re excited to continue our history of innovation with RICOH TotalFlow Producer, a cloud-based solution designed to help our clients navigate and succeed in the fast-paced and increasingly digital modern business world.

Centralized control and visibility

RICOH TotalFlow Producer is designed to push businesses forward by centralizing printing workflows and operations into one easy-to-access cloud-based repository. The solution is designed to optimize the printing process from start to finish.

Easy File Preparation

File preparation can be complex and time-consuming, especially when dealing with large volumes of print jobs or complex job specifications. RICOH TotalFlow Producer automates the order entry process. Jobs coming from multiple online sources are automatically consolidated in the system.

Real-time Job Tracking

Intelligent dashboards reveal the real-time status of each print job. You can see exactly where a job is in the process, who’s handling it, and when it’s expected to be completed. This level of visibility enables quick decision-making and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

Subscription Packages & Capabilities

Base Package

A value-based introductory package is designed for print shops with minimal IT resources and 1-2 small cut-sheet printers. This package includes core job onboarding, output capabilities, 25 hot folder connections, up to 25 easy-to-setup customer portals and 1 RICOH Cloud Connector.

  • Submission Portal: The printer will have access to the portal where they can see all the jobs for their shop in the cloud
  • 500GB Storage: Comes standard with 500 gigabytes (GB) of storage
  • PDF Viewer: Cloud PDF Viewer is included to view uploaded files
  • RICOH Cloud Connector (RCC): Provides customers with a connection to their hot folders on-premise
  • Email Submission: A secure, custom email address can be created for the customer to allow them to send files via email. This email is specifically for the cloud and to keep individual inboxes clutter-free
  • Customer Portal: Allows the creation of a quick portal for a printer’s customer to upload large files
  • Hot Folder Support: Allows connection to any hot folder on-premise
  • Automatic Malware Detection: Files automatically get scanned upon arrival to detect any malware

Advanced Package

This feature-rich package is designed for small to medium-sized print shops and in-house printers with limited IT resources. This target customer seeks automation for job onboarding plus additional preparation, processing, and output capabilities. In addition, this package enables automated file conversion, preflight, rules-based automations, APIs to connect to other applications and PDF editing.

Everything included in Base Package, plus…

  • Auto File Conversion: When Microsoft applications are uploaded to the cloud, the files will automatically be converted to PDF
  • Automations: Simple rules-based automations a user can set up very easily; for example, one can be created to take a file coming from a specific email address and send it to a targeted hot folder automatically without any touch points
  • Communicator: A “chat-like” feature for each job with
 communication history and messaging from the customers and shop operator/CSR
  • Auto Preflight: Any jobs uploaded to the cloud will be auto preflighted
  • Storage Tiers: Advanced package will provide 1 TB of space; optional storage purchase will be available
  • Annotations: This feature allows printers and customers to comment and send messages to each other within the PDF Editor
  • Versioning: Provides versioning and the ability to revert to a specific version; Note: every version takes up additional space
  • General API: If customers need to make connections to other W2P or MIS solutions, they can use the general API to build their hooks
  • Instant Comments: Within the PDF Editor, live communication can take place between a printer and their customer
  • PDF Editor: This is a lightweight PDF Editor allowing the printer to make quick edits in the cloud, i.e., replace a logo or move pages around
  • Order Support: Users can group multiple customer jobs into one order
  • Direct Cloud Printing: The printer can choose to print directly from the PDF Editor using local drivers


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If I have web-to-print software, do I need RICOH TotalFlow Producer?


Research today shows that print jobs received by email is 30% by PSPs and 20% by inplants. So, if you receive these percentages or more, then RICOH TotalFlow Producer should be an ideal solution for that client.


Do I need to buy Adobe Acrobat and/or Pitstop?


No, the functionality is built into the solution with no need to buy other software.


What percentage of emails will justify buying RICOH TotalFlow Producer?


Research today shows that print jobs received by email is 30% by PSPs and 20% by in-plants. So, if you achieve these percentages or more, then RICOH TotalFlow Producer should be an ideal solution.


Are free trials available?


Yes. Initially, you can request a 30-day free trial by completing the Request a Producer Trial Request

Form on


Do RICOH TotalFlow Producer subscriptions automatically renew, or do I need to submit a new PO to Ricoh for the subscription to continue?


You will see a subscription end date in the Account Administration area of the solution and will also see a message in the banner before expiry.


When does a subscription start and end? How do I know?


The start date is considered the first day the software is made accessible to the customer. Subscriptions can be purchased in 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5-year terms. The end date is shown under the Account Administration under subscription.


When can I buy RICOH TotalFlow Producer?


This is a subscription service and pre-orders are now being taken. The solution is set to be launched on August 2, 2023, in the United States and Canada, with other regions making it available after this launch date.


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